Sharing a couple decades worth of knowledge so your shape will turn out right.


-step by step instruction

-cnc finishing

-fiberglass work

-airbrush and graphic design


St. Augustine Florida

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Please read carefully, the starting cost is PRECISELY that...a START. Since I have access to limitless possibilities to complete your board, the total cost for the shaping session and producing a finished board may vary. A deposit of $150 and signed liability waiver is required before the process can begin. Do not bring friends to the lesson this is designed to be a 1 on 1 experience to maximize teaching, however parents may accompany minors,  parents please bring ear protection cause the tools are loud.

Full Shape/Traditional

Traditional Shaping lesson

A 4 hour window is reserved for you and includes FULL step by step shaping instruction, use of all tools in a design specific shaping room, a blank (foam) that matches your desired shape and safety protection is provided. Once shaped, your board will be sent out to be professionally fiber glassed and returned in approximately 3 weeks ready to surf.

Base Prices below include a clear (no artwork included) 3 fin boxes or single box fin set up. Fins not included

up to 6'   $665

6'1 - 7'     $695

7'1 - 8'     $735

8'1 - 9'     $760

9'1 - 9'6   $800

Traditional Shape Lesson Video

Design Lab CNC Computer Shape

Modern CNC design shaping lesson

2 separate 1 hour sessions are reserved for your shaping lesson. Day 1 Includes full CAD design instruction on the computer and a shaping room introduction to the tools, lighting and insider information as to what makes a surfboard work. Your designed computer file will be examined and sent for precision CNC cutting. Day 2 (approximately 2 weeks from Day 1) includes step by step fine shaping instruction and use of all tools in our specialized shaping room. Finally your board will be sent out to be professionally fiber glassed and returned in approximately 2 weeks ready to surf.

Base Prices include a clear (no artwork included) 3 fin boxes or single box fin set up. Fins not included

up to 6'   $680

6'1 - 7'     $710

7'1 - 8'     $755

8'1 - 9'     $775

9'1 - 9'6   $815

Do it yourself projects

We can provide Pre cut CNC blanks, designed and preshaped to 90% of completion ready for fine shaping. Poly or Epoxy available.

Send me your desired shape and I will get your file ready for Computer cutting. After design completion pick up your pre cut shape in approximately 3 weeks and take it home for fine shaping, color and glassing. Perfect for the do it yourself project.(recommended for hobbyists and intermediate board builders)

Prices include the blank, CAD design proofing and CNC computer cutting.

Up to 6'      $225

6'1 - 7'        $275

7'1 - 8'        $300

8'1 - 9'        $350

9'1- 9'6       $395

9'6 - 10'      $425

CNC Shape Lesson Video

CNC video

CNC computer pre shape sample

Additional Costs for Traditional & CNC lessons

Additional Costs: We are a full service factory with resources to make your dream board come true, but certain design elements can increase the cost, the following are examples:

extra time outside of reserved window ($75/hour), EPOXY construction, artwork/airbrush, printed logos or printed graphics, number and type of fin set up, and the type of finish (gloss and polish) can all increase the cost. Call or email for an exact quote

Custom Logo Printing

Do you have a logo or special something that you would like on your board? Send me the PDF and we can print it and glass it onto your board

REQUIREMENTS: Must be in a PDF file and fit on an 11"x17" sheet

All colors available EXCEPT WHITE 

Price is $15 per sheet

Whats not included in your shaping lesson??

Due to the vast selection of fins  available on the market it is impossible for us to stock them, however we can guide you toward a set that will work for your board. 


please print, sign and bring to your appointment

Shaping Instruction Waiver

Glass & Paint it yourself?

Let's say you want to risk that beautiful board you just shaped and choose to glass it yourself, sure go ahead but I strongly recommend against it. Applying paint yourself to the shaped foam is deeply discouraged and will not be allowed unless you plan to glass it yourself.

DEPOSITS ACCEPTED through Venmo, Zelle OR IN PERSON $150