Sharing a couple decades worth of knowledge so your shape will turn out right.


-step by step instruction

-cnc finishing

-fiberglass work

-airbrush and graphic design


St. Augustine Florida

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Is foam dust toxic?

The short answer is no. It can cause skin and lung irritation but with use of proper safety precautions it is safe to be exposed to.

Where can I purchase fins for my new board?

Due to the vast amount of fins available on the market we do not provide fins with your finished board, however I will recommend a good set that will compliment your design. Surfshops and online stores are great places to buy fins, leashes, wax and tailpads.

What is traditional shaping?

Traditional shaping refers to the use of hand and power tools to create the shape of a surfboard. The shape is then sent for fiberglassing and finishing in order to get it ready for the water.

Where can I buy shaping tools and materials?

Online stores such as Surfsource.net Green Light Surf Supply and Fiberglass Florida are great retailers of surfboard specific materials and blanks.

What is Computer or CNC cutting?

CNC or computer shaping refers to creating a CAD design and having a computer use a router or other cutting surface to pre shape a surfboard. The shape is about 90% finished once a computer has completed the cutting. The foam is then fine shaped and sent for fiberglassing and finishing

Do you teach glassing?

Not at this time, due to the toxic nature of fiberglass and resins we are currently not set up for this type of lesson training.

Can I take notes durring the lesson?

Absolutely but it will increase the time it takes to shape the board and can increase the cost. Below is a step by step document that I recommend you print and add notes to as soon as your session is finished.

Can I bring a friend?

Shaping lessons are designed to be a 1 on 1 experience, however minors are encouraged to be accompanied by an adult. The session is video recorded for legal purposes only.


Blank: Piece of foam that is used to create a surfboard shape

Shaping: The act of turning a blank into a surfboard ready for fiberglassing