Sharing a couple decades worth of knowledge so your shape will turn out right.


-step by step instruction

-cnc finishing

-fiberglass work

-airbrush and graphic design


St. Augustine Florida

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located in St. Augustine Florida

surfboard shaping lessons both traditional and CNC design

DIY kits available

Located at 5 Willard Drive Unit A

St. Augustine Fl 32086

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How to Shape your own surfboard

Shaping your own board can be challenging and confusing, rockers, measurements, foiling and fin placements to name a few can be overwhelming  but working with me step by step we can create a board you will love for years to come.

Full use of Tools and Shaping room

We will utilize professional tools in a design specific shaping room.

Shaping Packages

Choose a traditional shaping experience or finish out a computer generated cnc blank, either way full instruction is included. Also included in the price is having your shape professionally glassed and ready for the water. (various options can increase the cost)

What to expect

Shaping and surfing a board that you will create is an experience like no other. You will not only physically shape your board but learn about the science and engineering that goes into this amazing craft. There are 2 shaping options, The "traditional method" and the "modern CAD design method" Whichever session you choose, your board will turn out exactly like we planned. Finally we can have your shape finished out at by a professional glass shop or take it home and do it yourself.

shape your own surfboard
Your resource for shaping your own board

 The relationships I have established over the past 25+ years will give you access to top quality supplies and industry craftsmen, from state of the art cnc facilities to airbrush artists and glassers, all teaming up to help you create a board that you will enjoy for years to come.

Design Lab Instruction
"modern CAD design method"

In the design lab you will use modern CAD software to design your board. With step by step instruction your computer file will be examined and sent for precision cutting then returned to the warehouse where you and I will step into the shaping bay to fine shape your board. The CAD shaping is divided into 2 separate 1 hour sessions.

Hand Shaping Instruction
"Traditional method"

Shaping surfboards was started by the Ancient Hawaiians over 2,000 years ago. It is a combination of art, math and engineering all of which come together to produce a craft for our enjoyment. A 4 hour time slot is reserved so that we can create your board step by step


Ladies, shaping is not just for boys! Check out the amazing work by Valerie of Mermade Surfboards

surfboards 904
Glassing Options
shape it yourself
Custom Artwork

If its a gloss and polish finish you want, or unique resin tints, mahogany keel fins or any combination for the board YOU shaped we can do that! Prices vary but your imagination is the only limit.

Would like to have your shape professionally airbrushed? How about a custom graphic or fabric inlay? Want to take the finished board home and color it yourself? All options are available so don't hesitate to ask.


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By appointment